Snow Transformation Pack 1.0

Give Windows 8 a Snow Leopard makeover with this little accessory

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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    6.4 (158)

If you are currently using a PC but traditionally prefer the layout of a Mac, the Snow Transformation Pack is the perfect tool to turn your PC into a Mac look alike.

However, besides mimicking a Mac's themes and visual layouts, the Snow Transformation Pack actually does a great deal more. The Pack transforms the internal graphic idiosyncrasies of your system to convert a whole spectrum of thematic elements. It has the power to change the wallpaper displayed as the background, the starting login screen, cursors, and icons. Additionally, to some extent, it can even alter applications to appear more like those of a Mac.

From a visual standpoint, the Snow Transformation Pack actually does a good job. Though there a few small differences in the standard desktop screen, it convincingly resembles that of a Mac. Moreover, the changes are not just visual, they also make for a completely usable Mac-style interface.

The Snow Transformation Pack even does a respectable job of configuring PC apps to look more Mac-like. Though generally the results are less spectacular than the general computer theme results, it is hardly surprising given the diversity and extent of applications available. Nonetheless, for the most part, once complete, the app changing process clearly results in apps that look and run almost just like apps created especially for Macs.

Though the internal system is still obviously a PC and the external hardware was clearly not made by Apple, you could otherwise convince a layman that you were using a Mac product instead of a PC. There are still a few differences in the functionality of between a Snow Transformation Pack and the real Mac, but the differences are hardly worth mentioning.

The worst part about the Pack is the long and arduous installation process. Not only does it require hours of unhindered work, there are several mandatory system reboots that must be completed to finish off the process.

If you typically use a Mac or are transitioning from a PC to a Mac, a great change to your PC would be the changes that can be implemented by the Snow Transformation Pack.


  • comprehensive transformation quality
  • practical docking system


  • arduous and lengthy installation process

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